Dress of the Week – 4th week of July!

vampal dress


I found this wonderful Vampal dress as an excellent option for any bride looking for a short wedding dress.  But it got my attention because I think it is a great second dress option for the wedding reception (and of course because it has pockets.) I have more and more brides bringing a second dress to change into half way thru the wedding reception and I think this dress is a great, comfortable option for just that.  Since most wedding dresses are long, changing into something short and a little simpler, that still offers a certain elegance, is perfect!!!

Dress of the Week – 3rd week of July



This week’s “Dress of the Week” was submitted by a loyal Proper Planner subscriber, Monica Lanasa.  She was immediately drawn to this Galia Lahav dress because of it’s gorgous, plunging back; and who could blame her.  Thank you for submitting this dress, Monica, and thank you for introducing me to Galia Lahav as I am sure many more Dress of the Week will come from this designer!!!

Dress of the week – 2nd week of July!

jim hjelm


Anyone that knows me knows why I picked this beautiful Jim Hjelm dress.  It is a gorgeous dress with a traditional silhouette that many brides look for.  But it’s the pockets that made this my pick for Dress of the Week!  I absolutely love a pocket in any dress!  This dress is a clean, simple, lovely wedding dress on it’s own, but when you throw in the detail of a pocket, I’m sold!!!

Dress of the Week – Happy 4th of July

sophia tolli   sophia tolli 2

bcbg  This week we have Dresses of the Week in honor of the 4th of July!

The Red Sophia Tolli dress is a more “traditional” bridesmaids dress, but still something that I think can be worn comfortably by many, which is so important when you have many different bridesmaids!

The White Sophia Tolli is a dress that is sure to bring a sleek, yet trendy look to any bridal party.  Lately, a lot of brides are encouraging their bridesmaids to wear white along with them and this is a dress that would certainly make a confident statement for both the bride and her ladies!

This blue dress is one of my personal favorites because it comes from BCBG!  Always thinking about featuring fabulous shoes, I chose this dress because it is perfect for any bridal party looking to show off their stunning stilettos while supporting the bride in style!