Dress of the week – Third week of November!

rosa clara 1


This week’s “Dress of the week” is another Rosa Clara dress that I stumbled upon last week and fell in love with.  When searching for a “princess style” dress, it is hard to find something that won’t be overtaken by lace.  This dress fits the “Princess” silhouette and style, but in a much more mature and fashionable way!  I love the texture, the one shoulder strap – I love everything about this dress!

Dress of the week – 2nd week of November!!

roSA CLARA WINTER                    rosa clara winter 2


In honor of the Winter Weather here in New Orleans, I chose these two Rosa Clara wedding gowns for this week’s “Dress(es) of the Week”!!!  Each offer their own elegant features.  The one on the left has texture and detail that add to an otherwise simple silhouette.  The one on the right stood out to me because of it’s clean, simple lines.  Both are equally as acceptable for a beautiful, winter wedding of any kind!