Dress of the week – last week of January

Berta-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Winter-2014-1     Berta-Wedding-Dress-Collection-Winter-2014-2


This week’s “Dress of the Week” is only one of the many amazing dresses that are in the Berta 2014 winter wedding collection.  I could have posted every single dress, as each is more beautiful than the next, but I decided to start with this long sleeved, low back, slim fitting wedding beauty.  I admit that this, and most of the dresses in the collection, can not be worn by most people.  But if I could wear it, this would be my winter wedding dress!



Dress of the Week – 3rd week of January



With Mardi Gras just around the corner, I’ve been looking at some amazing ball gowns – from gowns for guests to the head dresses and beautiful bead work that go into the costumes of the maids and queens.  This week’s “dress of the week” by Angela and Alison struck me because of the fun cut in the front and the beautiful train in the back!  And obviously, the color just screams Mardi Gras!  I believe this was actually meant to be a prom dress and it does look a bit young to me, but for Mardi Gras; this seems like the perfect party dress!!!



Dress of the week – 2nd week of January




This week’s “Dress of the week” is a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress!  This dress struck me because of it’s beautiful, full skirt.  The neckline and detail of the skirt combined together make this dress feel so romantic.  After finding the dress, I realized the bride in the picture blogged about her dress going viral on Pinterest and I loved the dress even more!  Check out her story at http://www.editorialite.com/my-wedding-gown-photo-went-viral-on-pinterest/

Photo by: Sweet Monday Photography


Dress of the week – 1st pick for 2015!!!

stella york front                                 stella york back


I’m starting of the new year with this Stella York dress as my pick for “Dress of the week!” This pick is in honor of my newest bride, who is searching for a dress with a plunging back.  This dress made me think of her immediately.  The front of the dress is gorgeous in it’s on right, but I feel that the back really makes a statement!