Dress of the Week – 3rd week of September


I’ve decided to spend the next month picking dresses only from designers that are showing in New York in October, so ….. First up, I chose this Ines DiSanto dress as my “dress of the week” to start off my collection of great designers.  I love the color of this dress first and foremost.  The gold tone and overlay are amazing!  But more than anything, I think the slimming silhouette caught my eye.  I like that it’s straight and simple, and that the material, color and details have to do the work!  Different, but traditional.  I love it!

Dress of the Week – 1st week of September

            zuhair murad haute couture                    zuhair murad

This week, we have two dresses for our “Dress of the Week” – two beautiful Zuhair Murad dresses!  Not related to weddings in any way, these two dresses were found while I was searching for a dress to wear to a Mardi Gras ball (hail NYX!)  Although I do not have the body for the first one, it is absolutely amazing; sexy, flattering, gorgeous.  I love the splashes of color in the second dress.  And I love that it has that runway look that can translate easily “on land” in most cases.  These are two very different looks and I love them both!