Dress of the Week – 1st Week of December

peter langner                   RENEE (2)

This week’s “Dress of the Week” is a beautiful Peter Langner dress!  I am not sure that I would have initially noticed this dress had I seen it from the front, but the first time I saw it was from the back, and I loved the look!  It seems to be a bit more casual, but once you see the detailing of the fabric and fullness of the back of the skirt, you realize it is a beautiful gown!

Show me your shoes – Elyse Skansi Jennings

                    0035_Elyse+JackW0098_rc8     Greer_Gattuso_29

                                                       photos by Greer G Photography

Bride’s name – Elyse Skansi Jennings

Wedding date – November 15th, 2014

Wedding venue – Stella Plantation

Shoe designer – Jimmy Choo                                                                                        Elyse said she searched for months and months to find some shoes that were glamorous but also not your typical bridal shoe!  I’d say she succeeded!

Did you make it the whole night wearing them?                                                            “I did wear them all day and night! They aren’t the most comfortable, but they aren’t the least comfortable either, so I suffered through in the name of beauty! There’s something about the buzz of a wedding day that makes you forget any physical needs!”