Bon Temps Relay Event – March 5th

GetInlineThe Bon Temps Relay is a scavenger hunt/ pub crawl throughout different parts of the downtown New Orleans area.  Last year, I hosted the first one which featured the best bars, restaurants, hotels and businesses on the Decatur side of the French Quarter.  Teams gathered at the House of Blues (which served as our home base) where they registered receiving discounted drinks for the entire day, both before and after the race, and then were handed their clues and set out into the city.

Each clue brought them to a specific business where they either received a free cocktail or food item, or where they had to find something specific within that establishment.  Photographs had to be taken with said item in that business in order to win at the end of their race.  Places such as Brennan’s, Napoleon House, Cigar Factory, Salon by Sucre, The Monteleone, Sobou, etc. were all participating businesses.  Along the way, the teams were also directed to different spots where they had to take specific pictures and they also had to find different items in the city and photograph those in order to win.

Once they returned to the House of Blues, the pictures are checked and uploaded to social media and the team that arrived first, with all of the assigned photos, was the winner!  The teams received discounted drinks for the rest of the day and some even went back to bars within the scavenger hunt to enjoy the cocktails offered during the race.

This year, our home base will be Ernst Cafe and teams will be set out into the warehouse district to explore, photograph and enjoy the best that the warehouse district has to offer.  Teams will gather at Ernst Cafe, but this time, clues will not be given until each team completes a round of flip cup!  Discounted drinks will again be offered and a free drink per team will be given at multiple stops along the way!  So grab your friends and your best costume and sign up today!

** Must be 21 years or older to participate.  Teams must consist of a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players.  Please bring a photo ID to the event – tickets are available for PRE-SALE only at Event Brite:

Check out some of my favorite pictures from last year!

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Dress of the Week – Second Week of February

wedding-dress-Berta-bridal-spring-2016-0O7A0544          wedding-dress-Berta-bridal-spring-2016-0O7A0619         wedding-dress-Berta-bridal-spring-2016-0O7A0637

Although I am aware that I have posted this dress before, in my recap of New York’s Bridal Fashion Week, I could not help but pick this Berta beauty as this week’s “Dress of the Week!”  I am not sure why I am so obsessed with it, but I am!  The detailing of this dress, the plunging neck line, the flowing skirt, and the way it almost glows when the light hits it; It is just stunning!!!