Just stop your whining…. PLEASE

Look, Americans, I understand. Some of you are unhappy about our President. I totally get it. Trust me. I get that some of you are unhappy about the local government as well. I live in New Orleans where crime is skyrocketing, and my local government is more concerned about cement statues than living, breathing people. And after this morning’s shooting of Steve Scalise, and the four other victims, I physically cannot take anymore of the anger and bitching that is fueling a divide in this country and perpetuating the violence that has gotten so out of control.

The more I look at the news and social media, the sicker I am of this country and its entitled, selfish attitude. There’s a huge difference between freedom of speech and marshal law. LEARN it. For the most part, peaceful protests no longer exist. I am sorry. Do not argue this point. They should be able to exist, but we are hard pressed to find any group that can protest peacefully these days. It doesn’t matter who is making it violent, the republicans or the democrats; it is not working anymore. People are not able to voice their opinions without getting physical or disrespectful. Why? Why are you so angry? Let me tell you why I am angry.

I am angry because we are STILL talking about race and gender issues. Why? Why do you care if I am black and you are white? Or if I am RED and you are yellow? Why is it your business, and why are you pissed about it? I am angry because we are STILL talking about homosexuality, and I am angry because it does not stop there. Besides who can sleep with whom, we are NOW talking about who is wearing what and who is allowed to dress a certain way. Why do you care if you are sitting next to a man in a dress? Would you care if you were sitting next to a woman in a baseball cap? WHY? I am angry because it has been one thing after another with the bitching and complaining, and what people – especially the media – do not understand is that the more we bitch, the more the fire is fueled.

I am most angry because we never talk about right and wrong. We never give the benefit of the doubt, and we never care when someone is genuinely going against the right thing, the law, and then suffers the consequence. All we do it bitch and play the blame game. Everything is someone else’s fault and everyone has an ulterior motive. We are creating so much hate simply because we’re bored, or dumb, or wrong and can not admit it. But mostly, it could be because we are listening to the media, who, for some reason, cannot get any facts straight, never can stick to the facts in general, and thinks the most insignificant things are significant while the most important things that we should be focusing on fall behind a story about the Kardashians, or whether or not Trump’s wife held his hand that day. STOP!

Not getting your way and then becoming disrespectful and bullying others because they do not see things the same way that you do is not what freedom of speech is all about. As a matter of fact, adults acting like this is, what I believe, the reason for so much hate and bullying in schools and on social media. It may seem like nothing to you when you get on Facebook and call everyone out for not believing what you believe. But calling people names and assuming that you know who they are just because of their stance on one political issue is ridiculous. Cyber bullying by adults is why children are doing that and much worse to each other. Adults are taking the lead from the media and the children are taking a lead from the adults. It’s a vicious cycle.

The suicide rate is out of control in young kids today. When children are getting beaten up at school, why are our children video taping it rather than stopping it? Why are our children telling each other to kill themselves and, when they do, the parents take up for their child and say, “Well he didn’t have to listen to my kid.” STOP. Stop teaching your children that they are above punishment, above the law and above being kind hearted people. Life is not always going to rule in their favor, but when they see adults holding the bloody head of our President in their hands, they tend to get the idea that they can do whatever works for them without consequence.

Teaching your children that they do not need to respect authority if they do not like the particular person in the authoritative position is creating this divide in the country. If your child rapes someone, they deserve to be in jail. No one cares that the backlash is hard on him, Brock Turner’s parents. Your son is a rapist and deserves the punishment that fits that crime. He can be so sorry, and we hope he is, but he has to take his punishment for his actions. And it shouldn’t matter if he is black, white, or grey and it should not matter if the victim is black, white, or grey. The punishment should be the punishment. Get over it and teach your children to live with the consequences of their actions. If your child just took a match to your family pet, get your child the help he/ she needs and stop ignoring the beginning signs of the psychopath that you are raising! Stop letting the media convince you that people are against your child because he or she is a red head. People want your child to get help because he lit an animal on fire. DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Right and wrong!

We are turning this country into something it is not; a heartless, selfish, unethical, violent, and unaccepting country with no loyalty to its people, no strength to fight against anyone but each other, and no will to move forward and make a change once and for all. We are weak, we are becoming more ignorant, and we are becoming a target. And this won’t be Trump’s fault, although I know that’s where many people will point the finger. Next election, get him out of office! In the meantime, start looking at yourself on a personal level and in your household.

Start with the people directly in front of you. I bet you have a lot more changes to make in your immediate circle before moving on to judge the rest of the country. Stop being so angry. Accept responsibility and do the best you can to raise good hearted people. Raise children that will say something rather than record something horrible and put it on Facebook. Raise children that do not see the color of skin so we can get over the racial issues, and raise children that could care less if a man is sleeping with a man or a woman so we can get over this homophobic nonsense. Teach them about love, helping others, doing the right thing, hard work and accountability. These are the things we should be worried about and working toward as a country. Start seeing good and start spreading positivity. Stop fueling the hate!