Dress of the Week – Third week of March

Leff_Davis_Wedding-0286               Leff_Davis_Wedding-0370                                    Photos by Brandon O’Neal Photography

This week’s “Dress of the Week” is one of my favorites, because the model is a real bride.  Even better, she’s one of my favorite brides!  Anytime I am able to feature a dress on a real bride, I feel like I’m able to show a better truth of how the dress is worn and how it holds up on a wedding day, rather than a runway!

This BHLDN wedding dress was the perfect fit for my bride, Kelly Leff, but I think the description would be best coming straight from the bride herself!  For all the real brides out there, this is what it looks like when you find “the one!”

“I wanted something slightly out of the norm but still with a classic feel. I had in my mind the exact dress I wanted and had been searching for said dress long before I ever got engaged 😉 I had put off my wedding dress shopping for quite some time as I hadn’t even seen online or in print a dress that met my expectations until one day Anthropologie’s wedding brand, BHLDN, announced their new spring line and there it was- the exact dress I had dreamed up. It was the very first dress I tried on and it was everything I wanted from the delicate lace sleeves, eye-catching back with buttons and soft tulle skirt. My favorite part is that is wasn’t white…it was a beautiful soft champagne meets ivory and I loved it!”
Photo by Brandon O’Neal Photography


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