New York Bridal Fashion Week – Recap of the runway

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know that I attended Bridal Fashion Week in New York earlier this month.  The week kicked off on Thursday, October 8th, with the first round of bridal shows, but for me, Friday was the best day of the entire experience.

The day started off with the Berta runway show at the Plaza Hotel.  The venue itself was amazing, but the dresses were absolutely stunning.  The show was filled with a slower soundtrack and very dramatic lighting and music.  The models were straight-faced with hair pulled back and they walked with a purpose; slowly and dramatically down the runway.  Each model walked down the runway and back alone – never sharing the space with another model.  Amazing….  Emotional….. I am not sure if it was the fact that it was my first runway show, or the fact that it was one of my favorite designers, or if the venue, lighting and music were really that great, but I was super emotional and this was definitely one of my favorites of the entire week.  Here are some samples of the Berta dresses:

         berta - plaza ballroom        IMG_5118                 berta 1        berta 12                FullSizeRender          berta 7             berta 11       berta 14

Next up that day was the Ines DiSanto show at the IAC building.  Again, another great venue.  This show had a much different feel.  The show started off with a model dressed in a wedding dress behind a sheer curtain.  She took the dress off and a man brought her another wedding dress.  He put the dress on her, buttoned her up and the curtain opened starting the show.  One entire wall of the space was a video wall that showed what was happening on the runway at that time.  Each model came up on the screen and showed different views of the dresses.  It was a great visual effect.  The music was a bit more techno and the models came out much quicker, some walking up the runway while the other walked down.  The collection, of course, was amazing.  The dresses were filled with a lot of lace and even lace wraps on the legs and arms of the models!  Here are some images of the Ines DiSanto collection:

         disanto 10      disanto 8                  disanto 7      disanto 5                    disanto 4      disanto 3                                              disanto 1

Last up that day was the show I had been waiting for, Galia Lahav!  She did not disappoint.  This show took place at the New York Public Library in the downstairs venue which was probably my favorite of all of the venues.  The lighting in the room paired with the dome ceiling and other details throughout made this space a perfect venue for any event – if ever I had the chance to design a wedding in this space, it would be my dream come true.  But I digress.  The theme of this show was somewhat animalistic.  The show had a break of sorts where the space went completely dark, a new Galia logo popped up on a screen and the music changed.  The girls then came out wearing head dresses to accompany their gowns.  I felt that the show was filled with great statements, not just in the design of the gowns, but in the head dresses, the shoes, the music and in the decor.  Well thought out and well paired with the collection.  Here’s a look at what Lahav showed that night:

lahav panoramic

      lahav 1        lahav 8             lahav 10       lahav 5                lahav 12       lahav 11_5999                                                   lahav 2

The weekend continued with more runway shows and beautiful dresses by amazing designers.  There was even an entire “trade show” as I call it, at the Piers.  There were booths set up as far as the eye could see with wedding dresses and accessories – for brides, for bridesmaids, for moms, for flower girls.  You name it, they had it – and not just dresses – vendors had booths set up with jewelry, hair pieces, veils, etc.  It was quite the scene – Here’s a shot of what it looked like:


My last show of the week was the Pnina show on Monday afternoon at Kleinfeld.  This was definitely an unexpected surprise.  The space was very intimate and the dresses were gorgeous.  Probably some of the best bead work I had seen all week.  Pnina’s theme of water and wind was on point.  It was a simple show to be honest – not a lot of belles and whistles, but she didn’t need it.  The designs spoke for themselves.

      pnina 1       pnina 2                   pnina 3       pnina 4                  pnina 5       pnina 6                   pnina 7       pnina 8

Overall, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  The Knot ended the entire experience with a Gala that I attended on Monday night.  The best of the best, as they say, gathered in the New York Public Library.  The space was transformed with lighting and blue carpets, great music, unique vendors and some of the most amazing planners,  designers and wedding professionals in the industry.  At the end of the night, I met Berta and took a picture with her, and that was one hell of a way to end such an amazing experience!

      the knot gala 3 the knot gala 2    the knot gala 1   the knot gala 4



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