New Kids on The Block Concert in New Orleans


In the 80’s, as a preteen, I went to my very first concert – New Kids on The Block! At the time, it was the biggest deal of my life. Along with thousands of other preteen and teenage girls, I saw the young men of NKOTB sing to me and only me! Didn’t we all believe the concert was just for us? Having Jordan Knight touch my 10 year-old hand was something I could only dream about.

Flash forward about 25 years to Friday, May 16th at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. I didn’t think there could be anything more obnoxious than 15,000 little girls screaming out to a boy band. Now I know that 15,000 middle-aged women, hyped up on margaritas and beer, screaming out to the “next father of their children” trumps the teenage crowd any day!

Let me set the scene. I was dropped off downtown with some of my girlfriends at 5pm (safety first – no drinking and driving.) As we turned on to Poydras Street, it was an all out female fest. Every restaurant and bar within a three – block radius was filled with women, many of them dressed in florescent accents, New Kids on The Block shirts and old school 80’s garb. With full bellies and pre game cocktails in hand, we all headed into the Smoothie King Center for a 7pm “kick off!”

We’ve all been to Pelicans games, Saints games and other concerts, but none of those events had anything on the lines at the bar and the woman’s restroom that night. Just after 7pm, Nelly took the stage and he was the perfect opening act! As a matter of fact, if something would have happened and we all had to leave, I would have felt fulfilled just by having seen Him. As someone that had no expectation one way or the other, I was blown away and shall now start stalking him to see every show he’s involved in!

Next up was TLC, another success for sure. They wore what I consider to be the 90’s uniform, a one shoulder over all assemble, and their choreography was the same as it was 20 years ago. For that, I am grateful. They played all the classics and made sure we heard all the things they knew we were there to hear!

Finally, at about 9pm, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Donny and Danny took the stage and the ladies went crazy. They looked amazing and I will admit that I did find myself googling Jordan Knight in the middle of the show to find out his age (and to find out if he’s single.) He is 44 and married in case you were wondering. When Joey brought out his 7 year old son, I believe that threw the estrogen into overdrive and suddenly the ticking of 15,000 biological clocks was overwhelming. And I’m speaking of myself as well even though it is my personal belief that I was born without batteries in my clock.

At any rate, the night was amazing! Although an unlikely trio of entertainers, it was perfect! The night was filled with nostalgic feelings, dance moves that have withstood the test of time and lyrics that are still imbedded in our brains for some reason (although I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night, I can still sing every word to TLC’s Red Light Special.)

We had a chance to let loose and relive our youth and we were given that hope once again that an ordinary New Orleans gal could maybe catch the eye of a now 44 year-old New Kid on The Block. As a matter of fact, some of our New Orleans locals even made it on to Joey McIntyre’s Instagram. If that’s not a dream come true, I don’t know what is!

photo courtesy of Joey McIntyre - shout out Kellie Bode and Katie Walsh

photo courtesy of Joey McIntyre – shout out Kellie Bode and Katie Copeland

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