Looking for Mardi Gras Masks for your wedding or event?

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I always have brides asking about Mardi Gras masks for their receptions, rehearsal dinners or as gifts to include in their Welcome Bags.  This weekend, I found “Mardi Gras Masquerade” in the Outlet Mall at the Riverwalk.  They have any size or color Mardi Gras mask you can imagine!  The pricing is going to be a bit more expensive than something you might find online in bulk because these are not flimsy, paper masks.  You can see that these are the more detailed, more durable masks and the prices reflect that ranging from about $10 – $15 a piece for the smaller masks shown.  They had another wall of larger, even more detailed masks, but those are $25 and over; those are not what I typically see for wedding favors.                                                                                                           There is certainly nothing wrong with utilizing the standard, paper masks, but if you are looking for something a bit more lasting for your guests, here’s a one-stop shop that I am sure will have any mask to accommodate your event!

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